Death Grips abandonan el escenario en pleno concierto

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Death Grips leave the stage in the middle of the concert

Death Grips leave the stage in the middle of the concert

The throwing of objects at the band caused Death Grips They will prematurely end their concert in Arkansas last Friday.

The rabid industrial hip-hop band Death Grips He joined the list of artists who have recently been victims of objects being thrown during concerts. The event took place last Friday, October 13, when after fans repeatedly threw glow sticks at the band members, they decided to leave the stage with four songs remaining.

The concert took place at JJ’s Live in Lafayetteville, Arkansas, in the United States. According to people who were at the show, on several occasions objects were thrown at MC Ride. The leader of Death Grips He maintained his composure and returned to perform more than once until he became fed up with the audience’s behavior and the entire band left without finishing the show.

This event adds to the worrying recent trend of throwing objects from the audience towards the artists who are performing. The most alarming case is that of Bebe Rehxa, who had to get stitches after a fan threw a cell phone at him because, according to him, it seemed like a funny idea. But the list of those affected already contains names like drake, Beyonce either Harry Styles.

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