Dani Llamas estrena “Solo en lo profundo” junto a Rocío Márquez

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Dani Llamas premieres “Solo en lo deep” with Rocío Márquez

Dani Llamas, also member of GAS Drummerscollaborates again with Rocio Marquez in “Alone in the Deep”, the second preview of “Blood”.

After “The Color of Days”, Dani Llamas counts again with the collaboration of Rocio Marquez. In the previous song, both opted for a bulería por soleá and, in this case, the Jerez artist states that this song is not based on any flamenco style. Both topics will be part of “Blood”, the third album Dani Llamas solo, after “The Truth” and “A Fuego”, which will be available on November 10.

According to Llamas, “Solo en lo deep” is a song split in two. The first two and a half minutes have a western rock development and that is when the voice of the woman from Huelva enters and transforms into a whiny epic, almost atavistic, as beautiful as it is thunderous, with those dizzying keys that presage the storm. Furthermore, the Jerez native affirms that he has a predilection for the song: “It’s one of my favorite songs. I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

In addition to the mentioned Rocio Marquezwe find Rafa Nightgown on drums and percussion, Marco Serrato (member of Orthodox) to electric bass, Koe Houses to keyboards, Manuel Mateos Chacón to the guitars and Paco Loco to guitars and synthesizers.

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