Chelsea Wolfe estrena “Whispers In The Echo Chamber”

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Chelsea Wolfe releases “Whispers In The Echo Chamber”

Chelsea Wolfe releases “Whispers In The Echo Chamber”

The new single from the dark and crawling rock artist Chelsea Wolfe is the new preview of what will be their seventh album “She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She”.

The new job of Wolfe will go on sale next February 9. The artist herself defines the album as “a story about how to free oneself from situations and patterns that hold us back to have power over ourselves. It is an invitation to enter your authenticity.” The album was recorded with regular collaborators from Wolfe to the instruments, produced by Dave Andrew Sitek (TV On The Radio) and mixed by Shawn Everett. The artist herself defines the production as a deconstruction of the compositions, which ended up being transformed and reborn.

While we wait for the release of “She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She” we can listen to their new preview “Whispers In The Echo Chamber”. This single is the second from the new album after “Dusk”. The production of the song aims to transmit the inner voices that lead us to a vital change. That intuition that drags us towards the new, distancing us from the old.

The song has been released with a video directed by George Gallardo Kattah and filmed in Colombia. “This video is like a love story between me and my sleep paralysis entity, which, for this video, represents a calm inner voice that cuts through the mental chatter and anxiety to guide me towards a more authentic path. “explains her own Chelsea Wolfe in relation to the video.

Although the album will not be released until February 9, 2024you can now reserve it through this link.

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