Björk amplía detalles sobre su colaboración con Rosalía

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Björk expands details about her collaboration with Rosalía

Björk expands details about her collaboration with Rosalía

Björk anticipates that your topic with Rosalia It will be called “Oral” and will be released this month to protest against fish farms in Iceland. Also that it is a topic that he kept in his portfolio.

In an interview with The Guardian, the Icelandic singer spoke about “Oral”. The announcement of this surprising collaboration with Rosalia The Icelander did it through social networks with a video that previewed a fragment of the topic and the charitable cause that she will pursue.

Björk has revealed that he has rescued this song from a demo recorded more than twenty years ago. At the time, she ruled out including it in “Homogeneous” (97) and in “Evening” (01) for distancing himself from the musical line of both albums. He believes that it is not experimental enough for his style, but that the pop style of “Oral” can reach more people if it is used for charity.

He has also commented that at the time of composing it he was inspired by Jamaican dancehall, and that when listening to it again recently it reminded him of reggaeton. “Dancehall is the godmother of reggaeton. When I heard it I thought that Rosalía had put a lot of reggaeton in her last album,” said the singer. She also comments that in Rosalia He saw the opportunity to work with someone who represents the current times and can give a media boost to the charitable cause in question. On the other hand, both have worked in the past with El Guinchoalthough this specific song has been produced by Sega Winery.

The theme will include verses in Spanish to give a global tone to the cause. Björk He confesses that the Spanish woman spoke to him about the fish farming situation in Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina or Chile, something about which he had no prior knowledge.

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