Bee Week amplía cartel con una lista de quince nuevos artistas

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Bee Week expands lineup with a list of fifteen new artists

Bee Week expands lineup with a list of fifteen new artists

The festival Bee Week confirms more artists for the second edition, which will be held between 14 and March 23, 2024 in nine rooms Madrid.

The festival, which has yet to confirm more artists, has included in its program the night of royal fuss with Jimena Yellow, Lusillon, Repion and Espineli.

We can also see live Biuti Bamboo on Thursday, March 21 in Clamores, Dragon Fiston Friday, March 22 at The Bassement, and in addition, the Barceló Theater will host, on Thursday, March 21, royal fusswith concerts by artists who are marking the current moment as Jimena Amarillo, Lusillón, Repion and Espineli.

In addition, the festival has announced the change of date of the concert of Camelswhich due to adjustment of artists and festival calendar has had to be moved to Friday March 15 at the Barceló Theater (tickets purchased for the 14th are valid for the date of the 15th).

The Siroco room will host the concerts of Mr. Marshall March 14, Brave Forest the 15, Coconut Yogurts 16 and the group The miraculous on the 21st. On the other hand, Cadavra will have concerts by Mar Casak on March 16, Nectar the 21st and Monica Dorado on the 23rd. For its part, in The Dog in the Back of the Car we will be able to see Here on the 14th already Arlanda on the 23rd. We add to all these artists the dates already announced in September, The Demoscopic de UMusic, on Wednesday, March 20 at the Barceló Theater, and the concert of The Ponds and Anni B. Sweet, on Thursday, March 21 at La Riviera. The festival will continue to reveal more names on the lineup in the coming weeks.

Bee Week is firmly committed to culture, live music, local and aims to spread the value of sustainability, contributing to nature by creating life, restoring the carbon footprint generated, and underlining the importance of bees in the biodiversity.

Bee Week is consolidating itself as the spring festival with a lineup that will feature some of the best bands on our national scene. With its poster, Bee Week shows musical talent. The Bee Week festival marks the beginning of bee pollination and announces the beginning of spring with concerts that you cannot miss. Find out more on the Bee Week website at this link.

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