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Bee Week closes the lineup adding twenty new names

Bee Week closes the lineup adding twenty new names

The festival Bee Week 2024 confirms more than twenty artists to join its second edition. With these news, a poster closes that will consist of 41 bands and 35 concerts over the course of a week.

The festival will take place from March 14 to 23, 2024 in Madrid. The concerts will be distributed around nine venues in the Spanish capital. This year, the Bee Week It grows in terms of number of venues, concerts and capacity to establish itself as one of the most important festivals in the city of Madrid.

Among the headliners, they will pass through the Bee Week 2024 bands like _juno (the project of Zahara and Marti Perarnau), Sound Depression either Javypablo. Other notable bands that will be seen in the capital are Sobrinus, Agoraphobia either Lazharus. The festival’s proposals do not set boundaries to musical genres and we find concerts of all kinds: from folk to Maria of the Flower either Dua of Peleven the electronics of Modern DJ either Nebulapassing through indie pop Ripoll either Fontanand without forgetting the pop-rock of Venturi, The Sex, Gum, Santoporto, Fri Bora either Moloch.

These artists join the dates already announced in September and October such as the concert of Camels, The UMusic Demoscopic(which will have four bands to be confirmed), the royal fuss (with the concerts of Jimena Yellow, Lusillon, Repion and Espineli) and the concert of The Ponds and Anni B. Sweet.

The festival Bee Week It takes its name from its environmental mission that aims to reclaim bees as an essential part of the food chain. That is why it is committed to carrying out several environmental actions. The dates of the festival coincide with the beginning of bee pollination. He Bee Week aims to unite culture, music and nature in what is sure to be one of the events of next spring.

Tickets for the festival Bee Week 2024 They are now available through their website. You can see the full list of concerts below the video clip.

The complete programming of Bee Week:

Thursday, March 14 – JAVYPABLO at Teatro Barceló
Thursday March 14 – MISTER MARSHALL at Siroco
Thursday March 14 – DJ MODERNO + NEBULOSSA in Cadavra
Thursday, March 14 – FONTÁN in El Perro
Friday, March 15 – CAMELS at the Barceló Theater
Friday, March 15 – CHICLE in El Sol
Friday, March 15 – LAURA JORDÁN at Café La Palma
Friday March 15 – BRAVE FOREST in Siroco
Saturday March 16 – VENTURI in Copernicus
Saturday March 16 – PAULA BECKER in Clamores
Saturday March 16 – LAZHARUS in El Perro
Saturday, March 16 – COCONUT YOGURTS at Siroco
Saturday March 16 – MARK CASAK in Cadavra
Wednesday, March 20 – The DEMOSCÓPICA of MONDO SONORO at the Barceló Theater – Invitations coming soon on the UMusic website
Thursday, March 21 – LOS ESTANQUES and ANNI B. SWEET at La Riviera
Thursday, March 21 – JALEO REAL: JIMENA AMARILLO / LUSILLÓN / REPION / ESPINELI at the Barceló Theater
Thursday, March 21 – BIUTI BAMBÚ in Clamores
Thursday March 21 – LOS SEX at The Bassmnt
Thursday, March 21 – HERE at El Perro
Thursday, March 21 – NECTAR in Cadavra
Thursday, March 21 – THE MIRACULOUS in Siroco
Friday, March 22 – SOUND DEPRESSION in La Riviera
Friday, March 22 – _Juno at Teatro Barceló
Friday, March 22 – MARÍA DE LA FLOR in El Sol
Friday March 22 – SOBRINUS in Copernicus
Friday, March 22 – AGORAPHOBIA in Clamores
Friday, March 22 – DRAGON FIST at The Bassmnt
Friday March 22 – RIPOLL in Cadavra
Friday March 22 – SANTOPORTO + FRI BORA at El Perro
Saturday, March 23 – BONES OF MINERVA + MOLOCH at El Sol
Saturday, March 23 – DÚA DE PEL in Clamores
Saturday, March 23 – MÓNICA MORADO in Cadavra

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