Aviador Dro lanzarán “Como la luz radiante”, un álbum en directo

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Aviador Dro will release “Like the Radiant Light”, a live album

Aviador Dro will release “Like the Radiant Light”, a live album

The Madrid electronics group Dro Aviator has announced “Like the Radiant Light”, an album recorded live that will be available on December 1st. The album was recorded on the 2019 tour, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the group.

Aviador Dro, an electronic group (with pop/rock fusions) and one of the pioneers in founding their independent label, have announced that at the end of this year this album recorded during their 2019 tour at the venue will be released. Eight and a Half (Madrid), when they celebrated the group’s fortieth anniversary. On that tour they included songs that reviewed the history of the band and its explosion of Spanish music in the 1980s.

The new album, titled “Like the Radiant Light”, will be released on vinyl and digital formats and will also come with a special edition, which includes mutant stickers signed by the group.
The album contains classics like “Nuclear si” or “Warsaw in flames” along with versions by groups like Joy DivisionEnglish post-punk band, DevoAmerican new wave group of the 1980s The Human LeagueBritish synth pop group.

The group will present this new album live on January 27 of next year at the Changó room in Madrid. You can buy tickets at this link. In addition, over the next few weeks Aviador Dro will upload songs taken from the concert to YouTube. The first of them, “Benito the official”, can be seen here below. They will also participate in the Ombra Fest Anniversary party in Tarragona.

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