Atención Tsunami regresan tras un descanso con “Rentistas”

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Attention Tsunami return after a break with “Rentistas”

Attention Tsunami return after a break with “Rentistas”

Madrileños Tsunami Attention They return to the present after a four-year break with the single “Rentistas”, a song against turbocapitalism.

Attention Tsunami they return in the only way they could return: like an urgent exhalation, like the tsunami that they have been for more than a decade and that gives their name to the band. They present “Rentistas”, a song that reflects and dynamites the turbocapitalist and ultraliberal gaze that defines our era.

After more than four years of recording silence, since the publication of the impressive album “Vltra” (19) which was the fourth album of a band that is a cult reference in national alternative rock and has a code that encompasses everything from punk to spoken word, from emocore to alternative rock; Now they return with the knife between their teeth with “Rentistas”.

The Attention Tsunami theme, made up of Alvaro Marcos, Ignacio Jimenez, David Moralejo, Aaron Palazón and Miguel Bellas serves to lay the first stone of what will be the new album by the Madrid quintet and which will be released in early 2024 through Raso Estudio, in which they continue to build bridges that range from the most accelerated and quasi-punk alternative rock to the variables that indie-rock can pick up from noisepop or emocore.

“Rentistas” has been produced, recorded and mixed by Raul Perez in La Mina, mastered by the talented Victor Garcia in Ultramarinos Costa Brava and the cover is a pencil sketch by Javier Aquilué.

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