Andres Campo y Regal firman dos potentes remixes de Chimo Bayo

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Andres Campo and Regal sign two powerful remixes of Chimo Bayo

Andres Campo and Regal sign two powerful remixes of Chimo Bayo

Andres Campo and Royal sign two new and very powerful remixes of the Ruta del Bakalao classic “This is how I like it” by Chimo Bayo. Without a doubt one of the most global hits that electronic music has ever given – in its broadest spectrum – in our country.

The immortal Valencian electronic hit “As I like it” by Chimo Bayo returns to the present thanks to Andres Campo and Regal, who see the light thanks to the record label Involve Records.

They say classics never die and Regal’s label, Involve Records, aims to prove it with their new release. This is a tribute to what is undoubtedly one of the anthems of the Bakalao Route. We are of course talking about the iconic “That’s how I like it” by the even more iconic Chimo Bayo. A titanic task, that of revitalizing one of the legends of the famous movement of the nineties in Valencia first and then in the world (let us remember that the same MINE sampled the song in one of his songs), which Involve Records has left in the hands of Regal and Andres Campo in an exercise of tribute and, at the same time, of vindication.

It only takes a few moments to realize that Regal’s remix is ​​a nod to the idiosyncrasies of the famous route. Even so, the producer has managed to introduce his own personality, contributing his praised style to the version. acid with the characteristic and intense 303 sounds. A true exercise in production mastery. On side B we find the reinterpretation of Andres Campo, acclaimed resident of Florida 135. His remix shines with its own light thanks to the balance that he manages to build between the vocals of the original song and the combination of distorted and sharp sounds. A perfect fusion of nostalgia and innovation. It should be noted that, in recent months, Campo has surprised us by remixing artists like Kase.O and SFDK (“Ringui Dingui”) or Bogotá burns (“Dogs”).

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