Alan Palomo (Neon Indian) cambia de registro en su disco en solitario

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Alan Palomo (Neon Indian) changes register on his solo album

Alan Palomo (Neon Indian) changes register on his solo album

Alan Palomoleader and singer of the American band neon indianpresents his first album as a soloist under the title of “World Of Hassle“, in which he completely changes the sound to which we were accustomed, betting on a jazz-funk sound.

Alan Palomo, Mexican-American artist and leader of the band Neon Indian since 2008, had started this year releasing songs alone, outside of his group, and with the song “Nudista Mundial ’89” with Mac DeMarco. After a couple of singles and an EP, he has timidly published an album that he is beginning to stand out and that includes thirteen songs.

And it is that “World Of Hassle” It combines the jazz genre, with synth pop and electro funk influences. The first release that served as a preview, “Stay-at-Home DJ”, announced this new stage, followed by “Club People” and “La Madrileña”, songs that detail vivid scenes that illuminate the aesthetic breadth of Palomo’s artistic vision. .

On this album we must not forget the Italian-disco duet of the song “Meutrière” with Flore Benguigui, as well as the song “The Wailing Mall”, which opens the album’s tracklist, or “The Return Of Mickey Milan” which is about a former pop star falling apart. The album combines airs of anxiety, which are accompanied by crunchy sounds borrowed from the golden years of the rockstars of the eighties.

New airs for an artist who, once again, shows that he follows his own guidelines and who we will no longer be able to box into a single musical style – if we had ever done so unfairly – from now on.

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