Alain Johannes girará por España junto a Lost Satellite

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Alain Johannes will tour Spain with Lost Satellite

Alain Johannes will tour Spain with Lost Satellite

The Chilean-American artist Alain Johannes will merge with the rock group Lost Satellite for a Spanish tour that will begin in April 2024.

The group Lost Satellitemusical project of Alex Ortiz with headquarters between Seville and Paris, will perform alongside the legendary Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age, What Is This, PJ Harvey, Eleven) on a Spanish tour that will pass through six cities: Seville, Malaga, Murcia, Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. The group, which released its latest single “Getaway” this month and who had already collaborated with Alain Johannes on the song “The Way We Feel”, retains an elegant rock in its sound, dense at times and atmospheric at others.

The band, which announced an album inspired by 90s rock, will release the album in 2024 “A Broken Lightbulb”produced by Alain Johanneswho has worked on great projects by other artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Chris Cornell either Queens Of The Stone Agein addition to having been part of bands like Eleven either What Is Thisin which he shared his time with Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons themselves, later in Red Hot Chili Peppers. The album’s release date will be March 2024.

The dates of this tour are: April 12, 2024 at the Hollander Room (Seville), on the 13th at Cochera Cabaret (Málaga), on the 14th at Garaje Beat Club (Murcia), on the 17th at Moby Dick Club (Madrid), on the 18th at the Sidecar room (Barcelona ) and to close, on the 20th they will perform at the Azkena room (Bilbao). You can buy tickets at this link.

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