Adriano Galante y Refree comparten el clip de “El mismo paisaje”

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Adriano Galante and Refree share the clip for “The same landscape”

Adriano Galante and Refree share the clip for “The same landscape”

Adriano Galante has already shared the video clip of his song “The same landscape”, a composition created together with Raul Refree and that is part of “A real joy” (Halley, 23).

“The same landscape” is one of the twelve songs that appear on Adriano Galante’s first solo album, “A real joy”. Although in reality nothing about Galante is solo, since he is a musician who loves collective work, sharing ideas and melodies, inviting other musicians and being invited. “The same landscape” is a song written with Raul Refreeproducer and artist who has worked with both national and international names.

To shape the video clip, Galante has left his song in the hands of the experimental filmmaker Eduardo Filippi and the dancer Anna Viklundwho have created a beautiful artistic piece filmed in Super8, color film and with three sixteen millimeter film projectors manipulated live.

After more than ten years of sporadic collaborations, Raül and Adriano have met again on this album and in this song, as well as on the soundtrack of “The Messiah”composed by the Catalan producer for the new series of The Javisamong other things.

“A real joy” counts, in addition to the participation of Raül Refree, with the collaborations of Silvia Pérez Cruz, Ana Tijoux, Maria Arnal, Refree, Rita Payés, Pol Batlle, b1n0, Tarta Relena, Maestro Espada, Júlia Colom, Lucía Fumero, Judit i Meritxell Neddermann and several members of sewarda band in which Galante also plays.

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